Magister Delta ESD100 2 group fully automatic tall cup dual fuel espresso coffee machine

£3,120.00 (inc. VAT £3,744.00)


Available in red or black
Automatic machine with volumetric dosage.
Gas and electric heating system
Body in polished steel
Moulded side panels polyurethane with stainless steel frame
Inbuilt volumetric pump with balanced by-pass
Coffee brewing with volumetric dosage (4 doses on each group, continuous brewing button)
Self-learning doses programming
Hot water delivery with time setting
Water mixer
Two steam wands in stainless steel with rubber grip and cool touch Teflon insert
Stainless steel hot water dispenser
Porta-filters with Magister OEM handles with cool touch grip
White LED back-lit six key touch panels with personalized Magister graphics
LED indicators
LED lights on the working area
Electronic boiler temperature control adjustable through the touch pad
Switching power unit stabilizing voltage fluctuations
Electronic pre-infusion (can be disabled through the touch pad)
Boiler level control and self-engaging heating element
OLED Display with 4 programming buttons. The display shows:
machine name;
temperature and water level in the boiler;
coffee brewing timer on each group (chrono-function);
alarms on maintenance;
operational anomalies or failures;
Boiler capacity 11lt